Jiggling to releave your hip pain

Leg shaking while seating, in Japanese so called ‘binbou-yusuri’, is a biological reaction.
It may annoy someone, you may have experience to be said “stop shaking your leg.”
However, that someone does not know the effect for your health.
It’s said that movement is really good for your body…, especially on your hip joint.

We will explain how good it is to your health.

*Links to videos on how to make jiggling movement by using an automatic jiggling machine and how to use the device are posted at the end of this page.

Leg shaking movement

In general, we sometimes shake our legs unintentionally , caused by the muscles in the front and back of the legs repeatedly contracting and stretching.

Why we shake legs ?
There are many possibilities. We will introduce some below;

  • It is said that we shake our legs unconsciously to relieve blood flow. When you sit for a long time, the blood flow in your lower body becomes stagnant.
  • The act of doing nothing often makes people psychologically anxious, so it is said that people shake their legs to relieve their anxiety.
  • It is also said that people engage in leg shake movements because they instinctively try to consume the calories they have taken in.

The exercise called leg shaking is thought to be a type of natural behavior that relaxes the brain and body from these physical and psychological stresses.

In other words, when a foreign object enters the body through the nose or mouth, the body sneezes or coughs to expel the foreign object and try to eliminate the abnormality that has occurred in the body, or when it is cold, the body trembles to regulate body temperature. It can be said that it is similar to a biological reaction.

Leg shaking is often ignored depending on the surrounding situation, but just like coughing or sneezing, it can be said to be a movement that plays a very important role in the body if you learn how to behave properly.

Leg shaking motion is called “jiggling” in medical field

Although shaking is said to be effective in maintaining the health of the lower limbs, it is not enough to just ‘shake’ them. Here, we will briefly introduce the correct way to shake leg as introduced at academic conferences.

This shaking motion has been adopted in the medical field and has come to be called “jiggling”, so from now on I will refer to leg shaking as “jiggling”.

According to research, the number of up and down strokes of the legs (rocking motion) when a person performs jiggling varies somewhat depending on age, gender, etc., but on average, the number of strokes of movement is approximately 200~250 times per minuets. In other words, this number of stroke will work comfortably on your body so that people naturally do unconsciously.

Unlike the vibration method that vibrates the legs, the stroke method used in jiggling allows the legs to move up and down naturally in the direction in which the joints of the lower limbs of the human body move effortlessly, and at the same time, the leg muscles are moved in the same direction when you walk.

It is also said that the height of the heel when jiggling is about 2 cm. This is the height that was established after many years of research.

Jiggling, recreating the movements of the muscles and joints used when walking in a natural manner, is a remarkable health method that has been attracting attention in recent years, and it aims to maintain and improve the health of the lower limbs.

Jiggling is attracting attention in the medical field and is expected to be effective.

Jiggling therapy began in 2002 when Dr. Akio Inoue (deceased), the honorary director of Yanagawa Rehabilitation Hospital, incorporated “Binbou-yusuri” into rehabilitation after joint preservation surgery for osteoarthritis of the hip. After that, together with Dr. Masao Hiromatsu, the head of the rehabilitation department at the same hospital, they continued to observe the patient’s progress for 10 years, and as a result of repeated research, they published the first academic paper on the “effects of jiggling on osteoarthritis of the hip.” .

In response to this, many studies have been conducted in recent years on the effectiveness of jiggling, and it has become one of the conservative treatments that is attracting attention, especially among hip joint specialists. Jiggling is a form of self-medication that anyone can easily do, and it is evolving and attracting attention as an important health method that can be done at home to support healthy legs and hips and long lives even into old age.

For whom feel difficult to do jiggling by your self, Dr. Inoue supervised the automatic jiggling machine.
Click below to learn how to do jiggling by using an automatic jiggling machine.

How to use an automatic jiggling machine explained with photos.

We provide easy-to-understand explanations of the points to note when using an automatic jiggling device.
*Points to consider when placing your legs
*How to use a towel for a more comfortable treatment
*Calf massage
*How to do knee jiggling
*Shoulder jiggling, etc

Introducing a video on how to use an automatic jiggling device

You can watch a video of the actual treatment performed using an automatic jiggling device.Check out how the automatic jiggling machine works.

It also includes toe stretching movements, which are not included in the explanation in the photo. If you already have an automatic jiggling device, please try this method.