Introducing various ways to use automatic jiggling equipment in this video!

Jiggling is a medical term used to refer to a rocking motion. The automatic jiggling device “Kenkou Yusuri” is a managed medical device developed to reproduce this bottle shaking-like movement. It has the effect of removing muscle stiffness, relieving neuralgia and muscle pain, etc.

◆Basic usage◆①

Sit on a chair and do some jiggling.
Place your heel on the foot pedal and turn it on.
You can jiggle more comfortably by placing a towel on the foot pedal as shown in the video.
Make sure to keep your toes on the floor as your heels go up and down.
Make sure to lean your upper body against the backrest and relax.

◆Basic usage ② (example with cushion laid)◆

This is done by placing a cushion under the automatic jiggling device.
This will give you a gentle shake.
Basic usage is the same as⓵, but you can use it by placing a cushion etc. under the automatic jiggling device. In basic usage, there is not much difference in the stroke, but when doing knee shakes, shoulder shakes, etc., placing the jiggling device on the cushion like this will increase the width of the jiggle and make a difference in the massage effect.

◆Knee jiggling◆

Jiggling is also effective for knee care.
Please try it to relieve neuralgia and muscle pain.
Usage is simple.
Place the automatic jiggling device on the floor,
Adjust the height by placing a towel on top of the foot pedal so that the angle of your knees is about 160 degrees.

Place your knee on it and turn on the switch.
Set the speed to your preference.
This is recommended for those who suffer from knee pain.

◆Calf jiggling◆

The symptoms that occur when your feet are swollen and your leg muscles are fatigued will be improved!

Place a thick towel on top of the foot pedal.
Place your calf on it and turn it on.
This method is recommended for those who suffer from sudden leg cramps that wake them up in the middle of the night.
Just do it for about 5 minutes before bed to relieve fatigue and you will experience amazing effects.

◆Shoulder jiggling◆

Shoulder jiggling can be done while lying down,
Here we will show you how to shake your shoulders while sitting on a chair or stool.
As introduced in Basic usage⓶, set the automatic jiggling ring on the cushion.
Adjust the height by placing a cushion, bath towel, towel, etc. on top of the foot pedal so that your shoulders can be shaken when you sit down.
The jiggling stroke motion comfortably relieves stiffness in your shoulders.

◆Toe jiggling◆

My toes felt kind of tired.
In such cases, toe jiggling is recommended.
By jiggling and stretching your toes, you can support your walking movements.

How did you like the video on how to use the automatic jiggling device?

There are many other ways to use it than those introduced here, so we hope that you will find the automatic jiggling device useful for maintaining and improving your health.